Police Documentary  (2016)

Production: Cyprus Police

Director: Petros Charalambous

Producers: Cyprus Police

The River (2015)

Production: River Bloom Pictures

Director: Georgia Bloo Nicolaou

Producers: George Papouas, Nik Pyrgou

Composer: Constantinos Lemesios

Synopsis: It is 1942. A band of soldiers has been stuck in the woods during a ceasefire. The momentary peace and the increasing heat of early Spring misleads them into a sense of security and carelessness. After a dream of home and comfort, Anthony, a young soldier tries to hold on to his humanity and identity, seeking catharsis in the nearby river.

Dent de Lion (2012)

Production: UWE Bristol

Director:  Georgia Bloo Nicolaou

Producer:  Georgia Bloo Nicolaou

Composer:  Constantinos Lemesios

Synopsis: A boy plays war with toy weapons in the summer fields. A young soldier bids his mother farewell. Somewhere, sometime the two stories collide. An ode to the time of innocence and a lament for its loss.

Milk Cy (2012)

Producer: Phaedon-Z

Director: Phaedon-Z

Co-Director: Stalo Nicolaou

Composer: Constantinos Lemesios

Synopsis: MilkCY takes the words of Harvey Milk’s iconic Hope Speech and transfers them to the streets of modern-day Cyprus.